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Hearing Aid Specialists in Pottstown, PA

We Went Into This Field to Do One Thing: Help Improve the Lives of Our Clients.

Finding the right hearing aids for you is about more than restoring your hearing. It’s about empowering you to enjoy your ideal lifestyle. Whether you’re a swimmer or a theater-goer, we’ll work with you to find a hearing aid that gets you back into the life you want to live.

Tyler and Caren Yucha- Tune in to learn how getting a hearing test can improve your quality of life!

Tyler and Caren Yucha
Tyler and Caren Yucha,
Hearing Instrument Specialists

Meet the Team

Caren M. Yucha, HIS, Hearing Instrument Specialist and Licensed/Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

Caren M. Yucha, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist & Licensed/Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

Caren Yucha is a Hearing Instrument Specialist and a  licensed/certified Speech-Language Pathologist with over 25 years of experience.

She received her undergraduate degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology from West Chester University and her Masters Degree in Speech/Language Pathology from the University of Maryland. She is a registered Pennsylvania Hearing Aid Dealer and a registered Pennsylvania Hearing Aid Fitter.

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What Happens When You Visit a Hearing Clinic

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Tyler R. Yucha, HIS, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Tyler R. Yucha, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Tyler is a registered Hearing Instrument Specialist with the State of Pennsylvania. He joined the Yucha Hearing Aids team in June, 2019 after graduating from Saint Joseph's University; however, he has much experience working at the Yucha office over the past 7 years.

During his time here at Yucha Hearing Aids he has proven his exceptional customer service capabilities by listening to his client’s individual needs and improving their quality of life. Outside the office, you could find him pursuing his love of nature through hiking and photography.

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Hearing Loss Affects Your Health

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